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TXTOmedia offers technology to transform written documentation into rich media, such as how-to videos, slides and content for Augmented-, Virtual-, and Mixed Reality applications.

The same source content behind Paper Manuals, PDF-files and HTML-support, is now used for automatically generated How-to Videos, Slides with Voice support, and (3D) Product Models with Interactive Hotspots.


We transform manuals and tech docs into rich media, such as videos and images for support & training.


Our technology automatically generates audio from written topics, in over 55 languages, and in more than 100 voices.


We increase self-support, improve the user experience, while decreasing overall support costs.


We connect to CCMS & document management to version and update rich media & to prevent high production costs.

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Contact us to start a conversation on how we can help you to add topic based videos to your documentation formats.

TXTOmedia Technology

Watch instead of read

Template Builder

Templates define the behavior of your content on display. Templates are based on content elements and topic types they represent, and automatically match with data based on these elements and topic types.

Data Mapper

TXTOmedia accepts various Structured Content formats, such as DITA, S1000D and XML/XLIFF formats. Once ingested into our platform, the data elements are processed and mapped, according to the designated templates and rich media formats.

Voice Factory

Most content offered is typically text. This said Text-to-Speech samplers are the silent heroes of our solution. They transform all this textual content into audio, which is – in the next phase – illustrated by the available imagery and/or additional video fragments.

Media Editor

The ingested content, most often topic based items are taken to the media editor for modulating the clips and matching these with the designated scripts and styling.

Render Farm

After preview and approval, videos and animations are rendered in the cloud, standardized on defined outcome, quality and content.

Media Publisher

Generated rich media files are stored for download and distribution accross diverse channels. TXTOmedia technology also connects to diverse (video) platforms for easy distribution and publication.


Latest News

October 17, 2018

TXTOmedia on Tour

TXTOmedia hosts a session on “How to create multilingual media with structured content’ at LocWorld, this Friday, November 19th. After which we fly off to New Orleans to attend LavaCon….

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September 13, 2018

S1000D to Video

At TXTOmedia we took the opportunity to parse the S1000D Bike Example and transform it into video video topics. Existing hotspots in the image drive the story. For more information…

Young generations watching what used to be user manuals Uncategorized
September 6, 2018

Dutch Tech Start-up transforms existing manuals into How-to Videos

TXTOmedia launched its technology to transform existing written manuals and to turn them in comprehensive how-to videos on-the-fly, automatically and in more than 55 languages. “It takes only seconds to…