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TXTOmedia offers AI technology to transform written documentation into rich media, such as how-to videos, slides and interactive content for Online, IoT, Augmented-, Virtual-, and Mixed Reality applications.

The same source content behind Paper Manuals, PDF-files, and HTML-support can now be used for automatically generating ‘How to’ videos, Slides with Voice support, and (3D) Product Models with Interactive Hotspots.

TXTOmedia is used as a standalone cloud service or as an integrated part of your CCMS-based creation and publication solution. When published the Single-Source content is shipped to the TXTOmedia Cloud, transformed into frames and audio and rendered into a video within minutes.

Brakes. The brakes include: – Actuators on the handlebars – Brake cable – Brake callipers – Brake pads
Handle bars. A horizontal bar that attaches to the stem with grips at the ends that attach to the brake levers and the shifters.
Handle bar stem. This attaches the handle bar to the steering tube (head set).
Frame. A bicycle frame is made of metal tubes that are welded together.
Front Wheel. The wheels include these parts: – Hub – Spokes – Metal rim – Rubber tire
Rear Wheel. The wheels include these parts: – Hub – Spokes – Metal rim – Rubber tire
Pedals. The two platforms for the feet that attach to the crank.
Cranks. A lever that extends from the bottom of the bracket to the pedal.
Chain. A circular set of links that connect the chain ring to the cogs on the freewheel.
Gears. The gears include: – Front chain ring – Rear freewheel – Front and the rear derailleur – Shift lever on the handle bars – Cables
Seat and seat post. These install into the seat tube with a mechanism you can use to change the height

We transform manuals and tech docs into rich media, such as videos and images for support & training.


Our technology automatically generates audio from written topics, in over 55 languages, and in more than 100 voices.


We increase self-support, improve the user experience, while decreasing overall support costs.


We also connect to CMS & CCMS to create and update dynamic media automatically, and to prevent copies of your sources.

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