Creation a video is one thing. Creating dozens of videos is a whole different story, especially if you need them in multiple languages.

Explainer Videos from scratch? Or not?

Do you start the creation of your videos from scratch? Or do you have written topics and/or courses available that need to be transformed into videos? If the latter is the case, keep on reading…

Automate the creation of Explainer Videos

If you have procedures or courses ready that need to be created into videos, chances are likely that it is possible to automate the creation of your Explainer Videos. TXTOmedia is able to parse numerous formats of existing text content and provide you with video courses in an automated way, or to provide you with a baseline in i.e. Adobe Premiere with your text, images and text-to-speech audio in place.

Stay consistent while saving Time & Money

While you just publish your existing courses in another format, being video, you still maintain your courses in the for you familiar format. This also lets you update and adjust your courses and explainer videos in a way that you are used to, and prevents you from producing videos once, which get outdated easily.