How to automate the creation of Support Videos

Today I address the process of creating Support Videos. One typically deals with large numbers of topics to be created as Support Videos,  for various markets and localized into many languages. Since this easily leads to hundreds or even thousands of different Support Videos it is hard, not to say impossible to create and maintain them manually.

Technical Documentation & Customer Support

At TXTOmedia we strongly believe in a good (content) relation between Customer Support and Knowledge Management / Technical Documentation Teams. To prevent disconnected communications and broken customer journeys basing your Support Videos on the topics of the user manuals is preferred.

We automate the creation of Support Videos

TXTOmedia offers the technology to turn the (structured) content behind these topics in manuals as they often exist in XML or DITA formats, and use these for creating the video itself. This way text is brought to speech, and imagery is re-used or replaced in an automated way. Also, the sources behind the already localized manuals lead to localized videos at the same time, saving on time and money. It’s all about re-using content and single-source the video from the topic roots.