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TXTOmedia offers enterprises the (AI) technology to transform their written documentation into rich media, such as how-to videos, slides and content for Augmented-, Virtual- & Mixed Reality.

Aviation, Aerospace & Defense

The Aviation, Aerospace & Defense Industry share the use of many technical drawings, instructions and heavy procedures. Document Management formats such as S1000D specialize in supporting their demands.

Together with these industries TXTOmedia develops solutions to support work methods of today and tomorrow, like VR and Augmented Reality solutions. Again all is based on existing knowledge and know how in their current systems.



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December 3, 2018

Recording BrightTALK
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Turning Structured Content into 'How To' Videos December 13th, 2018 Go to Recording Structured content is an ideal starting place for creating and producing rich media in bulk. A new...
Aviation, Aerospace & DefenseInteractive GuidesS1000DSlidesVideo
September 13, 2018

S1000D to Video

At TXTOmedia we took the opportunity to parse the S1000D Bike Example and transform it into video video topics. Existing hotspots in the image drive the story. For more information…