People prefer to get visual product instructions instead of reading text. Transform existing topics in manuals into instruction slides without manual effort.


Swipe from step to step, and get the relevant instructions in your browser or on a tablet or smartphone.


Connected with CCMS Step Slides are generated on-the-fly and are updated automatically, in all available languages.

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TXTOmedia transforms the way we consume technical documentation. The traditional publications, such as printed manuals, PDF-files, and HTML support topics are often published from central structured content management solutions (CCMS). TXTOmedia adds additional publication formats to these systems, being rich media formats, such as slides, how-to videos, and interactive product models. 

Step Slides vs. Step Videos

Guiding you step-by-step through a procedure or instruction not always needs video. Sometimes it is more clear to get step-by-step clear images with written instructions on-screen. In addition, a voice-over may be welcome.

Illustrations and images used in the written manuals and its source files are the basis of our automated Slide solution. The Step Slides show on-screen text and leverage existing illustrations, while they feature the ability to play a voice-over.


Since all is based on the existing source files, the slides are available in all the languages in which the source files are available, without any additional effort.