Transform existing manuals and tech docs into How-to videos for support & training on-the-fly.


4x as many customers would rather watch a movie about a product then read about it.


Connected with CCMS the topic-based How-to videos are generated on-the-fly and are updated automatically.

TXTOmedia turns written technical documentation, such as topics in manuals into how-to videos. We do this in an automated way by parsing the data behind these manuals. The data is turned into audio, on-screen text, and animation. All are timed in-sync and rendered into a How-to video per topic or item.

Topic Videos vs. Step Videos

Topic Videos are covering a whole procedure at once. Ideal to share or post on social media. Topic Videos differ from Step Videos in the sense that they cover the whole procedure in one run versus Step Videos addressing each step of a procedure separately in a bundled series of short videos on a continuing playlist.

Live Action Video vs. Animated Video

Illustrations and images used in the written manuals and source files are the basis of our automated video creation solution. These Animated Videos can be transformed into Live Action Videos by replacing illustrations with video fragments manually.

TXTOmedia offers the timeline with all on-screen text, voice-over, and existing illustrations. Replacing the images on the timeline with video fragments is an easy and quick process to create these Live Action Videos compared to traditional processes.


Another advantage of creating a video this way is the fact that with one action all localized videos are created at the same time.