Lots and lots of video get produced daily. When you think about it often additional videos can be created based on existing videos, even in an automated way. The various fragments of the original title can be reused in new titles. This approach specifically works fine for creating explainer and instruction videos, based on existing marketing videos. Think like reusing video fragments; it’s like Lego.

Video Recycling not only results in impressive cost savings – think of 40% to 90% easily on production – and up to 100% cost saving on localization and its associated post-production costs. Video costs get down to even about US$ 100.- a piece.

Today large firms often struggle to communicate with one tone of voice.  Recycling video fragments not only speeds up production time dramatically but stimulates a more coherent messaging between the various videos an end-user typically watches during the various stages of the customer journey.

Recycling video fragments is part of the trend to single-source content, reuse and stay customer focused. TXTOmedia mostly deals with customer service and marketing driven organizations, which take both end user assistance as well as educating their staff and partners seriously.

Structured Video

Combined with structured content sources, which manage e-learning modules, user manuals, quick guides and maintenance procedures TXTOmedia reuses this content to provide the basis for animation and video titles, often in sync with topics from these manuals and courses. TXTOmedia starts with providing the dynamic media and video counterparts of printed manuals and static online courses. The text becomes speech, print becomes video.

This forms the basis to replace existing illustrations from manuals with valid recycled video fragments. If you want to know more about how this works, what needs to be in place and how this can work for your organization? Please feel free to contact us.