Inspiration and use cases

Our Key Solutions

TXTOmedia technology helps organizations produce dynamic media en masse. Our technology also ties into (component) content management solutions (C)CMS in order to scale and automate the creation of videos, based on existing (localized) structured content.

1. Video fragment automation

Based on existing text; i.e. structured content from a CCMS, existing XML/HTML, filled out forms or written scripts, TXTOmedia generates speech, in over 60 languages. These audio tracks are the basis for creating in-sync video fragments in many languages and in all kind of flavours: live action video fragments, animated video fragments, lip sync animated videos, etc.. These video fragments are stored and associated with metadata for effective reuse.

2. Video title creation

By calling the requested video fragments TXTOmedia is able to generate/stitch any video title in the right language on-the-fly and make it available. Often TXTOmedia technology cooperates with a CCMS and video fragments are associated with topics or even topic steps. This way generating and previewing a video title is possible, even via the CCMS user interface.

Creating How-to Videos in Bulk: A Use Case Scenario
The Scenario

A global corporation wants to create animated and live-action how-to videos. It produces multiple products for a variety of different uses, which it sells all over the world. Technical documentation exists for all of the corporation’s products in an XML format and this documentation has been localized into multiple languages.

The Requirements
  • Create animated and live-action how-to videos at scale for all products.
  • Work within a limited timescale.
  • Communicate with audiences around the world, in their local language.
  • Maintain videos and keep them up to date.
  • Produce the videos within a tight budget.
The Solution

Use TXTOmedia technology to help produce animated and live-action how-to videos, based on the corporation’s existing, localized XML content.

How it Works

TXTOmedia technology takes the corporation’s existing structured content topics and turns¬†them into how-to videos. Our technology transforms structured content files, such as XML and DITA or even HTML, into animated and live-action videos and can tie into the corporation’s content management solution (C)CMS to make everything run smoothly. An initial setup allows our technology to understand the specific structures that are being used, as well as to define the desired look and feel of the media that is to be produced. Selected topics are then published from within the (C)CMS to TXTOmedia technology in a structured format.

Since the (C)CMS, or Adobe FrameMaker, already delivers localized text content, videos are produced in the desired language. Our technology transforms the specified written language into native audio when generating the videos and allows the reuse of images and video fragments in these multiple situations. On-screen text, voice-over audio and metadata are also added based on the topic, language and situation. Style and content are kept separate until the videos are generated.

If the videos need to be edited, updated written content is automatically used to create new, or updated, videos meaning both audio and visuals are kept up to date without the need for manual editing.

Key Takeaways
How-to videos produced at scale

For marketeers of global corporations it is an immense task to create, curate and localize videos at scale. By reusing existing marketing and technical content, TXTOmedia automates the process and eliminates the need for manual production and post-editing.

Affordable and timely video creation

The initial idea behind the technology of TXTOmedia is to enable video creation at scale in a cost-effective and manageable way. By using TXTOmedia to recycle existing documentation (e.g. technical documents and user manuals) corporations can expect to reduce video creation costs by 80-90 percent and cut production time from weeks to minutes.

Video that is always up to the minute

Another huge challenge faced by marketeers is not only how to create and publish large volumes of videos, but now to then maintain them without depending on external teams or agencies. By connecting with your written structured content, TXTOmedia technology automatically keeps videos up to date, eliminating the need for manual, post-production editing.

Speak to customers in their own language

By reducing the need for manual post-production (or preventing it altogether) TXTOmedia hopes to boost the availability of native-language videos online, thereby improving the accessibility of information, support and education for people around the world.