TXTOmedia technology is there to transform written documentation into rich media, such as how-to videos, slides, interactive product models and content for AR & VR. TXTOmedia offers this variety of solutions, all based on XML input formats, because they all have their specific use and benefits.

How-to videos are there in many forms; From Animated Video, which features on-screen images and text to Live Action Video, which replaced the animated images (partly) with live action fragments.

Slides enable stepping through topics and steps easily. Slides can contain still images, text and audio, but video clips as well. The advantage of Slides is the ability to step through procedures easily.

Making TOCs visual and enable images to become interactive. These activated images enable visual navigation and display of information in context of the actual product or part.

The way content is displayed within AR, VR and MR applications effects the overall user experience seriously. Reading pages of text through your Glasses is not what you typically expect. TXTOmedia transforms the content to suit the visual experience.