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Our technology helps you to automate the Creation, Localization & Maintenance of your Instruction & Training Videos.

Video solutions that enable the world.

TXTOmedia is a global video automation and solutions company that provides SaaS services to automatically create and localize videos at scale.

Since 2018, our innovative 'Video Creation Cloud' has allowed businesses to easily and quickly create training, instruction, and how-to videos from existing text documentation and content, ultimately improving the end-viewer experience and decreasing video production costs and overall carbon footprint.

Our dedication to innovation has positioned us as an industry leader in several technology areas, including video automation, localization, text-to-speech conversion accuracy, live-action video production support, and video publishing capabilities.

Our goal is to provide video solutions enabling the world to learn more easily and faster, creating a better experience for all.

Make video creation scalable:

Waste reduction


Turn written Instructions into engaging How-to Videos for Self Support on i.e. YouTube.

Waste reduction


Helps to feed Learning Management Systems with valuable video instructions.

Waste reduction


Reuse existing video assets to create and maintain localized videos at once.

Waste reduction


Improve the Customer Experience by transforming existing written content to video.

Now you can quickly produce How-to, Training and Instruction videos, using written-only content

Latest News

MadWorld 2023

San Diego, US - TXTOmedia attends & sponsors this years' MadWorld in San Diego. After MadCap & IXIAsoft merged earlier this year, it's now time to meet the whole MadCap family.

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BOTI Gala 2023

Stockholm, Sweden - TXTOmedia sponsors BOTI for the 5th year in a row. We present about the importance of instruction in the local language.

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HP selects TXTOmedia

HP creates live action videos at scale to feed their YouTube channel and Support pages. TXTOmedia's Video Creation Cloud optimizes their current processes and adds localization efficiency.

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TechDocDay 2023

Together with Etteplan, IXIAsoft, Lattice, Fluid Topics, VRoom & Tekom Europe, TXTOmedia invites all TechComm professionals and engineers to visit TechDocDay 2023 in Eindhoven (NL).

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>12000 medical animations

CAREanimations uses TXTOmedia's Video Creation Cloud to automate the creation of personalized medical animation videos for various markets in various languages.

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Top 25 most Innovative Companies

TXTOmedia in Nimdzi's Top 25 of most innovative companies in the language industry.

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Improve the Customer Experience right from the unboxing moment

We work for:


Minimize the hard copy hassle

Bringing products to a global market comes at a price: the massive task of creating, producing, and distributing user documentation in various languages and versions. What if you could replace this with more effective, easy-scaling video content? TXTOmedia offers a future-proof solution that unlocks endless possibilities for your existing content, way beyond the limitations of paper.

Ensure effective education

For producers of technical equipment, training and instruction of maintenance and support engineers is essential to maintain the required standards. The same goes for customer serving employees at internationally active brands in the food or hospitality industry. Using your existing documentation as an input for the TXTOmedia platform, combined with built-in media sources, you can turn your training content into effective videos. Fully automated, fast and multilingual.

Video Creation Cloud

TXTOmedia's Video Creation Cloud (VCC) is offered as a SaaS solution to automate the creation of video at scale. After initial training, you manage the automated production process yourself. However, our partners, your existing suppliers, or even our professional service team can (temporarily) support you in handling the system and producing the required videos with your media assets, offering VCC as a Video as a Service (VaaS) solution.

Leverage your existing written content to automate the creation of How-to videos and training at scale.



Fast global & multilingual product roll-out. Streamline Print, PDF and How-to videos, all from one single source.

The success stories

Taking care of health at scale. Create thousands of localized & personalized animations in a highly efficient manner.

The success stories

Compliant live action videos, localized at scale.