AI technology to transform
Documents into Videos

Automatically create how-to videos


Turn written instructions
into How-to videos


Turn translated manuals
into localized videos



TXTOmedia – The Video Automation Company – delivers software and services to automatically create and localize training, instruction, and how-to videos at scale, to increase time-to-market, and improve customer and employee satisfaction, while decreasing cost and carbon footprint.

TXTOmedia’s technology is the smartest way to create how-to videos in high volumes by automatically transforming Structured Content into localized, dynamic videos, interactive media, and more.

Organizations can now quickly and effectively produce & maintain videos for every use case, in all languages needed.

How does it look like?

We can tell you more about our technology and how it all works, but first have a look at the results and potential videos you create using TXTOmedia technology.

In general there are three main video formats possible, all in various forms and flavors, based on your media assets:

  • Picture-based animations
  • Animation-based videos
  • Live action videos

Why use our Technology?

Offering instruction and how-to videos stimulates self-support, increases knowledge, and improves the user experience.

TXTOmedia enables organizations to produce high volumes of videos quickly, effectively and economically. Our automated technology works directly with your CCMS to create instructional videos that can be viewed online across all devices.

TXTOmedia technology creates both picture-based animated as well as live-action videos automatically.


Turn Structured Content into instructional videos on-the-fly.

We transform written instructions and procedures into videos for support, training and educational purposes.


Publish your existing content not only to HTML, PDF, Word and more, but also to video.

In order to maintain quality, and consistency across multiple channels reuse your topics to create and update how-to & instruction videos directly from your (C)CMS.


Automate the creation of localized videos. Our technology automatically generates audio from written topics, in over 50 languages.

This way we create localized videos automatically. Check our text-to-speech services at The Voice Factory


While decreasing overall video production costs, TXTOmedia offers the ability to add interactivity & commerce (i.e. offering spare parts, consumables) into your videos at the same time.

This way videos become a potential revenue generator.

How it works

TXTOmedia technology transforms selected text into speech, synchronizes the appearance of illustrations and on-screen text, and is able to replace existing illustrations with live-action video fragments. This way  you create instructional videos at scale.

From a single-source perspective, TXTOmedia technology adds value to existing CCMS solutions and enables organizations to create video from DITA/XML structures.

The Power of Instructional Videos

Video is the number one channel of information sought out by the modern consumer. It’s among today’s best practices on how to make user manuals and how to provide instructions online. More than 70% of YouTube traffic is now generated by users looking to learn and solve problems. It is no wonder that organisations are increasingly recognizing the influence of video upon consumers.

  • 8 out of 10 YouTube users indicate they are discovering new things from how-to videos
  • Most modern consumers prefer to watch a video instead of reading a manual
  • 50% of in-store & online consumers watch videos before buying
  • The instruction value of video outperforms that of written manuals

    TXTOmedia Media Creation Platform

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    Ready to create videos at scale?

    We automate the transformation of written instructions and training materials into videos.

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